Cameo Cleaners has unparalleled experience in cleaning and preserving bridal gowns. We know how to work around the tiniest embellishment and seam – we’ll put as much care into restoring your dress as you did in first picking it out. Trust Cameo Cleaners with the protection of your wedding gown and give your special dress the professional care it deserves.
The financial and emotional investment that went into your gown is huge, so simply dropping it off at any cleaner will not do. Trust only the best in caring for your bridal gown after your big day. Cameo Cleaners will keep your dress exactly as you remembered it -perfect.
If you’re nearing time to head for the altar and your bridal wear needs a last minute alternation, call us – we’ll come over and have your alteration done right at home.

Museum Quality Preservation

Wedding videos are great, but nothing beats the real thing. Keep your wedding gown looking as memorable as it did on your wedding day! We take satisfaction in providing unique and convenient gown preservation techniques for our clients. Our methods allow clients to open the preservation package at any time so they can share their cherished memories with loved ones.
Although you may have already thought to take care of removing the sweat, oils, and stains that may have set in during normal wear, your dress is still at risk for distress when you store it. We will wrap your garment in acid-free fibers and place it in an acid-free storage box.
When storing this box, make sure it is in an area with stable temperature and humidity. You should also inspect the gown every two to three years, and wash your hands thoroughly before handling it.

Customer Impressions

” I had a wonderful experience using Cameo Cleaners to clean and preserve my wedding dress. The process was easy. Everyone I met and spoke to on the phone was very professional and able to answer any questions I had. They stayed in contact with me via phone and email when the dress was ready. I had asked if I could see my dress after it was cleaned and before they put it in the preservation box. No problem! My husband and I decided to take the dress home from the store that day but they would have delivered it to our apartment for no extra charge. I would highly recommend! ” – Jennifer Colins