Drapery Cleaning NYC at Cameo Cleaners


Drapes and curtains can be a cumbersome undertaking to clean. Drapes, especially, can often be very large, ornate, and permanently-installed. Embellishments may make cleaning difficult without damaging the piece. The safest option is to allow Cameo Cleaners to come into your home and take care of them for you. A clean set of drapes can easily serve as the perfect centerpiece for your room's design—let Cameo Cleaners make sure they stay brilliant.
Upholstery stains are common and incredibly difficult to eliminate. Not only do you have to worry about upsetting temperamental fabrics and dyes in your furniture - you also have to figure out the best way to remove whatever it is that caused the stain in the first place. Try Cameo Cleaners' years of experience to quickly and easily restore your finest upholstery. We'll come to you to service your needs.
Upholstery Cleaning NYC in Cameo Cleaners

Customer Impressions

” The staff at Cameo Cleaners is always so nice no matter how "needy" you're being, and they give you a clear evaluation for special jobs, not just a quote. They definitely know what they are talking about and only let trained experts touch your fine linens or draperies. I have also never felt any pressure to say yes to a quote, even if they provided free pick up and delivery of something. If i'm not ready, they are professional about it then and sound just as happy to hear from me the next time I call. ” – Jessica Anders